Every first Tuesday of the month is an actual holiday for all PlayStation Plus members. This is a time when a new batch of games gets released, and everyone who is subscribed to a PlayStation’s online service has an opportunity to try them. While this month offers can’t beat up the last month’s fantastic lineup, players will still have a lot of free fun in April. There are a couple of games that will spike your interest. Among them, Mad Max is undoubtedly the most expected one, an open-world game about an apocalyptic world. So, let’s check out the titles you will enjoy playing in an April’s release.

Mad Max

In more than one aspect, the Mad Max is game about hope and death. It’s about finding something to stick to it in a pointless existence, where murder and regret prevail. But, the anger is buried deep in an adventure that requires exploration and offers you wide-eyed amazement as each moment follows Max’s movement through miles and miles of wasteland. But for Max, the hero of this story, the desert becomes his escape. Max lost his car and nearly his life at the hands of Scabrous Scrotus, the resident of Gas Town. Fortunately, the deformed creature Chumbucket sees Max as a destined prophet, who was sent to this world to rebuild and drive the most significant vehicle the wasteland has ever see, the Magnum Opus.

Mad Max game for PSN

Players get a chance to experience nearly 40 hours of playing. Even though the original storyline disappears until the end, each character you meet here has a unique purpose. In the space between promise and climax, Max’s progression will depend on your dominance, especially in a place where everyone has personality and indifference. It’s up to you to fight those who aren’t afraid of death.

TrackMania Turbo

It’s hard to believe that TrackMania is the 10th sequel to this franchise. First time released in 2003, it has come the long way. While this game provided some thrilling racing experience for PC races, sadly it has been absent from console system. Finally, the last in the line, TrackMania Turbo was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it’s fun and exciting as the players anticipated. The game focuses on real-time racing, which provides gamers a fresh feel.

But, like all the games in this series, the fixture isn’t on competitive racing. Instead, the entire game is based on beating the track time. For instance, in a single-player mode, the goal across the 200+ tracks, is to win a medal by besting specific speed run times. Capturing gold requires a lot of dedication and many retries. However, more casual players can get bronze without problems.

If you never played TrackMania games before, then this focus on time trials might seem strange. But, be patient, the game will lure you and make you addicted at some point.


99VidasHave you ever wanted to relive the good all days of video games? The days of fighting random bikers and crazy old ladies. Well, now you have an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane with 99Vidas. A game which will set you back through time and return you to those days of glory. The 99Vidas has a classic storyline, which seems like it has been taking pointers from the Streets of Rage, a Sega Mega Drive hit back in 1991. We would recommend this game to anyone who wants to remember the old days.

The game features 11 characters, and only six of them are playable from the start. Each character has their elements, but they can share them and have different stats, which adds special effect to the combat. Players have a chance to explore a multitude of weapons and enter into different types of fights. If you are going to try this game, don’t compare it to modern ones. Otherwise, you will end up disappointed. 99Vidas costs $9.99 on PlayStation Store, but you can try some of the free PSN codes.

Q*Bert: Rebooted

Republished on 28th March, Q*Bert: Rebooted brings the revival of the quintessential arcade of games of the 80s. We all remember of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders, after all, these are the titles that market one gaming ear. However, the primary structure of Q*Bert: Rebooted somehow resembles the isometric puzzle structure of Pac-Man. When we take into consideration that Q*Bert: Rebooted is 12 years older than this particular author, then it’s nice to have a new package that fits the modern machines.

When you are playing this game, you get a pyramid of pseudo-3D cubes, which you have to change into different color by stomping on them. But, the trick is that you can only move diagonally and if you fall off the pyramid, or enemies attack you, then you lose a life. As you go through levels, you will encounter strange creatures and animals attacking you.

In Space We Brawl

The game supports four players and the two players can team up against some other two players and engage in multi-player mode. But, how well does this co-op work? In Space We Brawl is divided into two sections, arena and challenges. The challenges serve as a tutorial which will help you understand the game but also tracks letters and best times. When you install the game, you will get only two challenges unlocked, but once you go through a game, more challenges are unlocked. In Space We Brawl has 21 challenges, and some of them feature new ships and weapons.

However, the center of the game is the Arena section. There are three types of arena modes, tournament, championship, and gladiator. All three modes are similar, and they have one goal, shoot the enemy ship and kill them while dodging their attacks. You get to experience 11 space crafts and the same number of weapons. Some of them may vary in speed, health, and energy. Once you choose a battleship, you can select the weapons that will help you in this quest.