You woke up today and decided it’s a perfect day to play some video games on your PlayStation. Fortunately for you, we got some amazing games from the past year, and the trend continued into the 2017.

The games that came out this year are some of the best graphical games, but not just that, we got a couple of amazing games that were the underdog when it came to competing with the big budget games and the competition that was the AAA games that usually dominate the market.

Some of these games you might not love, we get that, but we sincerely hope that you will give some of these games a try as we loved each and every one of the games we played. So, without taking any more of your time, let’s get to the games themselves:

Horizon Zero Dawn

We start off the list with a big bang! Horizon Zero Dawn is one of those underdog games that we talked about. The game is fantastic in every aspect. We sincerely loved exploring the world, the graphics that made the scenery come alive, the crafting system and the characters and their story.


We won’t go into spoilers much, but we will say that in this game you play as a girl protagonist and the journey is set to a post-apocalyptic- tribalistic time where you have mech dinosaurs and humans that hunt them with a bow and arrow.

The game can easily take the GOTY, and we are excited that we got such an amazing game from a company that did not get sponsored by a huge company. We loved the challenge, and we hope you like a challenging game yourself.

Otherwise, you might have a harder time with some of its bosses. The game certainly has a lot of challenges, and a casual gamer might be pushed away by the challenging content, but we can’t recommend this game more than we already did so even if you are a casual player try it you will have so much fun!

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The Inside game is unique as it blends to amazing genres a 2D puzzle and a platformer. Depending on the way you perceive horror games this might end up in that genre for you too. We won’t spoil anything from this game. It’s an amazing game and everyone should play it.


The game does not take 100 hours to complete so you can play it casually, but we promise you the moment you pick it up and start playing it you won’t be able to put down the controller until you pass a certain point, or you just fall from exhaustion and sleep. Highly recommended game for all ages.

Uncharted 4

This game did not come out in March, but we can’t recommend this game just once a month. The Uncharted series is one of those series people love from the moment they picked it up. Is the fourth installment in the series and by the looks of it, it could be the last one.

The game is similar to a GTA game but with an amazing story that is packed with so much action that movies don’t have this much explosion and chasing around.

You play as the male protagonist Ethan where you start off yet another adventure in a far part of the world. Get your chips and drinks because this addictive game will have you glued down to the screen for hours.


We could not in our right mind leave this game out from the recommended games as it deserves all the praise it is getting across the board.

Rocket League

Here we have another gem in the dirt. With all the soccer games that come out every year this little game kicks them all out when it comes to the game that provides the most fun while playing soccer.

The game is made to be played in multiplayer mode so get your friends online and start those matches where you strive to become the winning team. You play with a bunch of cars where the goal is to get the ball into the net of the opposing team and win by the time the clock runs out.

Rocket League gives you the opportunity to customize your car in a thousand possible ways. You can make your car into a meme if you get enough parts to customize it to what you want it to be.


Additionally, if you can’t get your friends online to play in a team, the game has a fantastic multiplayer challenge mode where you play against other people with other people to become the best player on the ranking system.

If you are looking for fun for the whole day or just a quick 20-minute time burner, this game will keep you satisfied for both occasions.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Here we have another game that comes from Bioware as the fourth installment of the Mass Effect franchise. The game has had a new team put under it as you no longer play with Shepard on the Normandy but as a new explorer crew that wants to settle on a faraway planet.

People that love to explore in games and a fast-paced combat system will love this game! There are some issues with the face animations but the developers have said that they are working on a patch that will fix those issues and the story itself is a good enough reason to play this game.


If you are looking for a fun game that has a deep story to tell while at the same time it offers some nice action than this is the perfect game for you.