We started as a bunch of individuals who were not pleased with how PSN functioned in its early days. We soon got over it and accepted it as the first steps of the great network that will eventually become something great. What really drove us to the edge of patience were the massive outages that made millions of users of Playstation network unable to perform even the basics.

In those days our small team of talented individuals gathered in a forum thread where we criticised and discussed the possible solutions to the issue. Something amazing happened during those discussions. We found out that each of us had a set of skills which can lead to the solution of the issues the PSN experienced.

We’ve decided to bring the power back to the players and started working on a great project which you are using today. We were inspired in those early days and soon we made use of our coding skills to create an algorithm which will soon be used by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. The number of daily users of our service keeps increasing each month which is a great achievement in itself. It means that we’ve succeeded in giving the people something that will bring them happiness. Something you can’t buy with money.

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The services platform you are currently on is the result of so many dedicated people which invested their time and knowledge to make something great that will be free for anyone to use. Our free Playstation network code generator is well-known among gamer communities and it proved to be a great success. The overwhelmingly positive feedback that we have been receiving all these years speaks volumes of the greatness of our platform. We hope that you will keep using our service in the future and that you will also spread the good word for our services too. Thank you for your support.