Free PSN Redeem Codes Generator

Finding working PlayStation Network codes getting you down? Look no further! Our PSN card codes generator has a 99.7{c16cebb2a21b37ca45c5aa009fcd7d41d8bf56213ff1006edd075cfda39edfe4} success rate and it is completely free. No downloads are required, just follow the instructions and claim your card in the matter of minutes. Stay tuned for monthly PSN discount code giveaway events and more!

Free PSN Redeem Codes Generator

Finding working PlayStation Network codes getting you down? Look no further! Our PSN card codes generator has a 99.7{c16cebb2a21b37ca45c5aa009fcd7d41d8bf56213ff1006edd075cfda39edfe4} success rate and it is completely free. No downloads are required, just follow the instructions and claim your card in the matter of minutes. Stay tuned for monthly PSN discount code giveaway events and more!

What are PSN Codes and How to Use them?

Playstation Network cards are the simplest way of obtaining digital editions of your favourite Playstation games with ease. These cards allow you to purchase games by exchanging them on the Playstation store. You can use our generator to obtain as many codes as you want. These free PSN codes also include Playstation Plus Card which will give you plenty of perks that come with the membership.

Long gone are the days of using discs to play your favourite games. Digital content is easier to manage and after you exchange the code you got on our site – all you have to do is to download and play. It is as easy as that.

Our code generator enables you to obtain a PSN code that you can exchange for a game or DLC content and even premium subscription. Be sure to join our community and visit us often to find what is new and be sure to share our site with your friends. This will support our work and make it possible for us to keep our code generator up and running.

PSN code

How to redeem PSN Code

Redeeming the code that you got from us is simple and very easy. All you have to do is to go to your Playstation network account or open a new one in case you do not have it already and follow the next step. Select the Playstation store icon on your home screen and you will see a “Redeem Codes” item at the bottom of the selection menu. Proceed to enter the code and select “Continue” in the dialogue box. The code will be verified and after you accept the terms of services of PSN your code will be activated and ready for use in the Playstation Network store.

How to Get Free PSN Codes?

In order to get free cards for our users around the world, we employ a special algorithm which uses advertising networks and affiliate sites to generate funds that are needed for our code generator. We do not use any kind of illegal methods or practices and all of our codes are completely legit and proven to work. Our customer feedback and their complete satisfaction are a testament to that.

We require a constant flow of user activity and sharing in order to afford to make all these free for so many users. This is possible thanks to our sponsors and affiliates. That’s why we ask our users to share our website as much as they use our code generator. This way everyone can get all the codes they require and keep our site up and running to meet demand.

Using PSN Code Generator

Getting your very own PSN code is very easy – you just need to follow a few basic steps. After you’ve exchanged codes on the Playstation store you’ll be enjoying your favourite games in no time. Our PSN cards are a type of currency which is used for exchange for games, DLC content, subscriptions and more. Cards come in different values so be sure to choose the one that will get you whatever you want to exchange in the PSN store with it.

The first step includes going to our Code generator page which you can find in the top navigation bar. Next up, click on the big “GET YOUR CODE” button and choose the value of the PSN code you want to obtain and proceed to the next step. Now you’ve activated a reservation for your gift card and it is valid for the next 20 minutes. Soon, you will be given a link to like and follow our page. This will increase your chance of getting another gift card. After you’ve completed this step proceed to click on the “GET CODE” button. Now, you will receive the part of the code which will be complete once you finish the verification process. The verification step is important as it prevents any hacking attempts. Finally, after completion of the verification process, you will receive the whole code and you can go straight to the Playstation store to exchange it.


fast and easy

Fast and Easy

The benefit of our generated codes is that they are very easy to obtain. We made our website user-friendly so that anyone can find their way and understand how to generate PSN codes. You can get your code with a few simple clicks. This way anyone can use our free PSN card code generator with ease.


No Downloads

Our entire service is online based and there are no downloads and installs of any sort. Everything is available using any kind of an internet access capable device that has a web browser installed. This way all of the information is in one place and easily accessible worldwide, at all times.



Unlike plenty of our competitors, we offer our users a way of choosing and customising the code they would like to obtain using our code generator. Users can decide which value of the code they would like to generate and use and exchange afterwards. This choice is possible before each and every PSN code retrieval.


Updated Daily

Our algorithm works each and every day with one hundred percent reliability. This way we can provide our users with newly generated code 24/7 during the whole year. You will never have to worry that our service will run out of new codes. Be sure to come back and as often as you require new PSN codes.



We have said it before and we will point it out again – our service is and will always be free for our users. There are no hidden terms and conditions. All of our content is readily available to anyone free of charge forever. We are proud of the work we are doing to help our users.

How do PSN code generators work

Code generators work by using an algorithm which finds and shows plenty of the unused PSN codes. Using some clever programming skills our team has designed our own free PSN card generator which takes all those unused cards and gives it to our users. With so many vouchers available there will always be enough for anyone to use. The fact is that we used a smart technique which pulls those codes through our generator that shows them only to users on our site.

Unused cards vary in value and their availability is limited to some extent. The most frequent codes readily available are 20 US dollar ones. The vouchers which carry an exchange value of 50 US dollars are harder to obtain and the PS Plus card cards are among the rarest of them all. Nevertheless, our code generator does an excellent job of getting all of these codes at our users’ requests.


Special Offers

We hold regular contests and competitions where our users have a chance of winning additional Playstation discount codes, vouchers and many more special prizes. This way we are rewarding our loyal users with free goodies and it is our way of showing gratitude for their loyalty and support. We suggest that the new users should subscribe to our mailing list in order to receive latest news and offers. This way you will always be up to date with what is happening on our site and you will know when the next monthly contest is taking place for a chance of winning valuable prizes.

Entering the prize competition is always free and you can increase your odds of winning further by sharing the contest on social networks and with your friends. Our sponsors provide valuable prizes and each month you have a chance of winning something different. Our prize pool is getting better each month so make sure to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are free PSN codes legit?

All of the codes created with our free PSN code generator are legit and are working as intended once you exchange them one the Playstation Network “Redeem Coupon” page. We do not use illegal practices and since our service is completely free there is no hidden motive on our side. We offer a completely legal way of obtaining unused PSN codes and we do it free of charge for all of our users.

Can I get caught using these codes?

Since we use legit and completely legal methods of obtaining some of the unused codes that are valid for exchange on PSN – there is no reason of risk of any kind. Our codes work as other regular PSN codes. We do not store any sort of user info so our users have total anonymity when using our service.

How often can I use this Generator?

Users can use our code generator as much as they want. Keep in mind that most of the codes are of 20 USD in value and the 50 USD valued ones are harder to get. PSN Plus subscription codes are also rare and harder to get. This is because there are so many users and very little high-value codes available.

Can I get a Playstation Plus Card Code for Free?

Playstation Plus Card codes are also free to get using our generators and given the high demand for them, users will have to count on luck and also make many attempts in order to get one for themselves. The sooner the user completes the verification process during code generating attempts – the more chances they have for getting the Playstation Plus Card code.




“It’s been a great experience using your service during the last couple of years. I keep coming back for more codes and many of my friends are here thanks to my recommendations. Keep up the good work guys. Thank you for all the free codes.”



“At first, I was a bit wary since you have all those free stamps all over your site. Thankfully I was wrong and you proved to be the best source of free PSN codes and vouchers. Hey, I’ve even won a prize last year. You guys are amazing and I just love how many codes I got from you. Stay awesome!”



“I’ve been searching for a way of increasing my games library further even though I’ve changed jobs and it got difficult for me to buy games in the last couple of months. Other things came first. A nephew sent me a link to your site and told me a story that was hard to believe at first. He said that there was this site where he got so many codes for PSN and that he didn’t have to pay anything for them. Honestly, I didn’t believe the kid and decided to check it out for myself. Man, was I surprised when I got my first free code in a couple of minutes. The code was good and I went to take another one next day. Codes were legit and I was so happy! Thank you and thanks for providing codes for us all these months! I’ve already spread the good word about your site to so many friends.”



“The only reason I decided to use your code generator was to see if I can get the PSN Plus membership since I didn’t want to pay for it. I think that money is better spent on games instead of subscriptions anyway. Turns out that it took a couple of tries until I finally got the PSN Plus code and it worked as advertised. I got it for free and I’ve been coming back for more ever since. For this I am grateful. Thank you for your great service.”

Who Are We and How We Made This Possible

We are a small team of developers who decided they are going to make a difference for all Playstation users around the world. During so many PlayStation Network server downtimes we got fed up and finally decided to create the site you’re visiting today. Our goal was to enable people easier access to PSN codes and make Playstation games readily available even to those users who are on a tight budget.

Who are we

Our love for coding and adequate programming skillset has allowed our team do design and make a smart algorithm which enables our free PSN code generator to retrieve so many unused PSN voucher codes. We are not motivated by money and our greatest reward is the faithful community of users which keeps increasing over the years. Thanks to the support of our sponsors and our users we are able to continue doing the good work. We thank everyone for making it possible to keep the service up and running.

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